Portfolio Management is the main activity of SZ & Partners. The combined years of experience, know how and education of the staff of SZ & Partners in the field of Asset Management guarantees quality and service. The client’s assets are deposited with a custodian bank of his/her choice while SZ & Partners are entrusted by way of a discretionary investment management agreement to only manage these assets. At no time can SZ & Partners instruct the custodian bank to transfer, withdraw or generally do any acts other than investment management. The Independence of SZ & Partners ensures that transactions are at arms length, avoids conflict of interest and guarantees competitive and interesting Bank fees-schedules for the clients. SZ & Partners following a review of its client goals, investment horizon, investment objectives and financial situation will structure and design a portfolio strategy and asset allocation strategy in line with each client’s objectives ensuring capital preservation and diversification without sacrificing interesting performance.


  • SZ & Partners offers sophisticated evaluations of individual and consolidated portfolios (risk and return analyses, etc.), taking into consideration portfolios managed by third parties.


  • SZ & Partners can facilitate financing, credit lines, etc. for and on behalf of their clients due to their excellent business relationships with first class Private and/or Commercial Banks..


  • Working closely with professionals in the legal and tax fields, SZ & Partners can be a conduit for its clients for matters relating to tax and legal advice.